Under Construction: Surrey Hills Residence


An 1890 Heritage Protected home in Surrey Hills; this grand lady is currently undergoing a renovation and extension.

Knocking down the rear 1990s extension, we are building a contemporary glass and steel home for this family of four.

The Architectural sawtooth roof style, soaring ceilings and tight site access, Heritage regulations and a beautiful 130-year-old Oak Tree (Significant Tree) just metres from the work site amounted to a technically challenging build.

At the time of writing, the build is close to Lock Up Stage and already we have dealt with a complex set of parameters to make everything work.

Inside this home, there is detail, corner, meeting space, and surface at every juncture. The responsibility to bring the design to life and honour the Architect’s vision and make the house both structurally compliant and aesthetically correct has fallen to the Belle Homes team.

Construction challenges are a standard part of the renovation process, especially on old buildings, because nothing is what it first appears to be and how it starts. Walls, ceilings, and floors are not plumb or level and old buildings deteriorate in places not visible on first inspection. In this case, just the complexity of the extension has meant additional planning and design. We’ve had to bring our A-game and more to this build.

Architects for Hire
Belle Homes

“Once again I need to reiterate what great work you’re doing at the Surrey Hills Residence, it’s really a credit to your team. Your collective skill is immediately obvious in the work and the detailing – and personally, we’re honoured and thankful for your clear respect for the design intent. As well as appreciating that this build was (and remains) very challenging – the crane installation of steel alone!…”

NIC VAN DER NOL, Architect